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Utility Set-up Assistance for Expats

Please We are proud to announce this free service and happy to help expats with setting up Dutch utilities (Gas, Water, Electricity), Internet and TV, Phone, and Insurance! Free of charge!

You can choose what you need

Energy, Gas, Water, Insurances, Internet/TV/Calling, Mobile, Solar panels, Insulation, District heating, Cleaning advice, Mortgage.
Green Energy

Everything can be arranged within 24 hours

After you submit your details, you will receive a call by one of our partners within 24 hours, during weekdays between 09.00 – 21.00. You receive one to one call with an expert to get advice and choose the right plans. Available in English and Dutch language.

Confirmation per email

Easily done by phone call and finalized by email. You will receive an email with your selected utilities, contract information and personal details.

You will be connected to providers

You will be connected to your selected providers by English speaking customer service.

rent in amsterdam

Everything you need, in one place!

rent in amsterdam

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